How are other leaders navigating the crisis and preparing for the future?

Small and mid-size businesses continue showing resilience and ingenuity in the face of unprecedented economic disruption. In Umpqua’s Business Resiliency Survey, more than 1,200 business leaders from across the country share how they’re responding and adapting to a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic event. Download the report to learn more. 

  • How confident are business leaders in the economy and their company?
  • What strategic shifts are they making to survive and thrive?
  • Where are businesses cutting and how are they investing?
  • What professional support will they need moving forward?

"Small and mid-size businesses are showing resilience and ingenuity in the face of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty. Our research indicates that many have already made strategic pivots that in some cases have made them more competitive, and many more are preparing to pull all the levers at their disposal to emerge healthier, more efficient and better able to serve their customers in the long run."

"The stakes in the current economy are high, and the pandemic is clearly forcing companies to carefully consider key aspects of their business and go-forward strategy. Many small and mid-size enterprises will emerge from this crisis looking and behaving very differently, which likely will contribute to significant shifts in the U.S. economy as a whole."

Want to feel more confident about the future of your business?


Working Capital Assessment

More than ever, managing cashflow and doing more with less is critical, and businesses are looking to cut costs and become more efficient. A working capital assessment is a consultative deep dive with a bank into business operations to identify inefficiencies, waste, and opportunities to maximize and protect working capital.


Integrated Payments

Automating accounts payable processes is one of the simplest ways to automate tedious, manual tasks and free up employee time for more productive work. By completely automating their cash cycle — from invoicing and receipts to paying bills and receiving payments – businesses can improve productivity, cashflow, profit margins and see almost immediate savings.


Fraud Prevention

Workplace disruption can leave businesses increasingly vulnerable to financial fraud. From ensuring dual authorization on all online banking transactions to exercising vigilance around all urgent email requests, there are basic steps companies can take to protect their business during this critical time. Positive pay is also a low-cost solution that that helps prevent check fraud.